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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where family and friends gather and a room in your house you use daily. It is also the most important room in your home when it is time to sell. A kitchen renovation can indeed greatly increase the resale value of your home and also bring you and your family much joy while in the home. It is an important financial investment and, like an investment, you would want to protect it.

At Amesos Plumbing, Inc. we have seen countless kitchen remodels since we opened in the 70's. The styles, colors, and appliances may have change dramatically over the years but one thing remains the same. You must budget for proper plumbing when doing a kitchen renovation. It is not only important to the proper functioning of your new appliances but also ensures you won't have to tear up that brand new flooring, cabinets, or walls in a few months because there is a water or gas leak. By hiring a licensed professional plumber, you are truly protecting your investment.

Some people are able to do most of the renovation themselves. In most cases, they do it to save money. We understand. A DYI (do it yourself) home owner may be able to properly change the cabinetry, the backsplash, the light fixtures, and the flooring. But when it comes to installing a new sink, changing an electrical range to a new gas oven, adding a refrigerator with an ice make (yes, it needs a new water hookup), add a dishwasher, etc., you want a licensed plumber. Again a professional plumber will make sure that the proper size and type of pipes are in place to support your new appliances and that the plumbing won't leak and cause damage to your renovated kitchen.

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